Deadly hostage situation takes place in an Amarillo Wal-Mart

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AMARILLO, TX - A hostage situation in an Amarillo Wal-Mart ended with one man dead and several others very shaken. It all played out on Twitter.

The first from the Amarillo Police Department indicating officers were on the scene after receiving reports of gun shots inside the store.

Nineteen minutes later, a second tweet:  “No confirmed gunshot victims. Officers are inside.”

Emergency officials believed there were hostages and urged residents of the Panhandle city to avoid the area. Nearby businesses, including a day care center, immediately went on lock-down.

Twenty-five minutes later, a third tweet: “Suspect has been shot by APD SWAT and is apparently dead. Hostages inside are safe.”

Nearly two and a half hours after the drama began, police tweeted there were no other injuries to report.

Amarillo PD released the name of the suspect: Mohammad Moghammad, 54. The investigation has uncovered that Moghammad was an employee and there was a dispute between him and management over a promotion.

Wal-Mart released a statement:

“As soon as we heard about the situation at our store in Amarillo, Texas, we acted immediately. All customers and our two associates who were held hostage are safe. This was a very difficult situation and we are thankful for the quick response from law enforcement.”

The police department is calling the whole incident a situation of “workplace violence” that they will continue to investigate.

Meanwhile, with one dead suspect, you can bet there`s a pretty big clean-up on aisle three!

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