Doctors tell chilling tale of Pulse nightclub shooting victims piling into trauma unit

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ORLANDO, FL - "We quickly got about five patients and that was a lot for us, and we thought maybe that was gonna be it and then they started lining up in the hallway," Dr. Kathryn Bondani told a hospital news conference.

Doctors at Orlando Regional Medical Center say their hospital seemed like a war zone the night of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Within minutes the trauma bay was overwhelmed.

"The trauma bay was very full," Dr. Joseph Ibrahim said. "We had patients in every corner."

Today, 27 patients are still under their care, 16 of those are in stable condition, with the rest fighting for their lives.

"I would be surprised if we do not see the death toll rise," surgeon Dr. Michael Cheatham announced.

It's a night they won't soon forget, with patients coming in never-ending  waves!

"They were being dropped off in truckloads and in ambulance loads where our amazing nurses and techs were putting them on stretchers," Bondani recalled. "And rolling them in to us and telling us that another patient is here, another patient is here, another patient is here..."

Even for the trained trauma medical staff, the blood and carnage was hard to take in.

"We're used to seeing gun shot wounds," trauma surgeon Dr. Will Havron explained. "We're used to seeing a multitude of injuries each and every night, but this was somewhat of a surreal experience."

"We saw the full gamut of wounds," Ibrahim said. "From wounds to the extremities, wounds to the chest, wounds to the abdomen and pelvis area...the larger ones left a significant amount of tissue destruction, which is something that we're not as used to seeing."

Now doctors and family members alike hope treatment and prayers will help these patients pull through.

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