House Democrats demand answers on gun legislature

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The deadly terror attack at a gay club in Orlando has got everyone firing off at the mouth and online about gun control.

The hashtag 'no more silence' seems to have enabled gun control advocates to speak out.  At least things on Capitol Hill started off quiet, Monday.  A moment of silence was held for the victims.

It wasn't long after that democrats broke their silence in protest and got rowdy.

South Carolina Democratic congressman James Clyburn tried to address gun legislation, before being shot down by Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"I'm particularly interested about three pieces of legislation that have been filed in response to Charleston," said Clyburn as he was interrupted by Ryan.

"The gentleman is not stating a parliamentary inquiry," Ryan said.

Cylburn's concern comes days before the one-year anniversary of the Charleston church shooting that left nine people dead on June 17, 2015.

House Speaker Ryan urged to move on to other unfinished business matters, as democrats shouted "where's the bill?"

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