Houstonians conflicted on how Orlando tragedy will affect Houston nightlife

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HOUSTON, TX - Any other weekend, the prime Houston nightlife spots should be filled to capacity.

But with the events in Orlando last weekend, will the fear and anxiety of an ever-present threat keep the revelry at bay this weekend?

“I would hope that that mindset didn`t spill over into the Houston scene this summer, just because... Houston has a different vibe than Orlando, it`s way more friendly, way more open,” expressed Jada Hobson, a student from Cleveland, Ohio studying in Houston.

“I think less people are going to come out personally, because I mean fear mongering works very well... At the end of the day it did happen at a LGBT club, and like Houston has one of the greatest nightlife`s for it so I can imagine people being extremely fearful to go out,” explained Anna Bischof.

“I do think it will have more of a positive effect on this weekend`s nightlife because I think that everyone will come out in force together, just to support, and just to stand together. I think it`s more of a unity thing,” said Vivian Nguyen.

“Terrorism isn`t the only thing you have to worry about, it`s the ideology that comes along with it. It`s terrifying because it is anti-LGBT sentiment as well as anti-American,” said Robert Alvarez.

While Houstonians seem to be conflicted on just how this weekend`s club and bar scene will shake out, it`s evident by memorials like this one at Hyde Park and Converse, the healing process is in full swing.

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