Latest: Orlando suspect visited Pulse, used gay app, and more

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ORLANDO, FL -  The search for answers in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history continues . Was it a terrorist attack, a hate crime towards the LGBT community, or a combination of both?

People who knew mass murder, Omar Mateen, recall his hateful comments towards gays, but that might have stemmed from his own inner battle.

His ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, says, "He did feel very strong about homosexuality." Although she does not know if he was gay, she believes it could have been "a side of him  . . .  that he was living but didn't want everyone to know about."

According to Pulse Nightclub performer Chris Callen, the shooter was a regular, averaging two visits every month. Callen says "he has frequently been to that bar and it's been going on for three years."

According to the LA Times, another Pulse regular says Mateen messaged him on a gay dating app multiple times.

His former co-worker,  Dan Gillroy, says he saw it coming, "Besides the date and the location, he said he was going to kill a whole bunch of people."

President Barack Obama says right now there are no signs of an outside, radical group who ordered attack. However, he says, "The killer took in extremist information and propaganda over the internet . . . and was an angry, disturbed unstable man who became radicalized."

The FBI says Mateen made possible "surveillance" visits to Pulse and Disney World during the "Gay Day 2016" celebrations.

The focus shifts towards Mateen's current wife and mother to his three-year-old son.  Noor Mateen allegedly told authorities she knew about her husband's plot and tried to stop him from carrying it out.

For now, she's not facing any charges; as the investigation continues, this could change.

This is a complicated case; a conflicted, cold-blooded killer who the world is trying to make sense of.

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