Volunteers beautify Fifth Ward cemetery

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HOUSTON -  Groups of volunteers converged on Evergreen Cemetery, in the Fifth Ward. Alison Medley with Habitat for Humanity explained what they were doing, “What we’re trying to do is revitalize and restore this unique, historic cemetery."

Volunteers from Lowe's, GE Oil and Gas, Harris County Precinct One, and the Fifth Ward Community Center at Finnigan Park (just to name a few), pitched in with Habitat to trim trees, mow, weed eat, and chop weeds, grass and underbrush covering graves and headstones.

Evergreen is one of the most beloved landmarks of this community as it's the resting place for some former slaves, Buffalo Soldiers and WWII vets.

“This cemetery has a lot of stories of fortitude, perseverance, strength... like A.K. Kelley. He was born into slavery but he ended up owning 32 homes in the Fifth Ward. He was a real estate mogul," explained Medley.

“We’re hoping that once this is done, somebody will maintain it and provide the respect that it deserves,” says volunteer Betty Simons.  Amen to that.

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