Oregon man accused of groping a 13-year-old on plane

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An Oregon man has been charged with abusive sexual contact after he allegedly groped an unaccompanied teen aboard an American Airlines flight. Chad Cameron Camp, 26, was arrested after the incident on a flight from Dallas to Portland on Wednesday night, according to a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court.

Oregon- ‘To Catch a Predator’: Airplane Edition.

An Oregon man was arrested and charged with abusive sexual contact at Portland International Airport Wednesday night after he allegedly groped an unaccompanied 13-year-old girl on an American Airlines flight.

Chad Cameron Camp, 26, purposely sat next to the teen on the flight from Dallas to Portland although there were plenty of empty seats available, according to the complaint. The teen told investigators that he started making small talk with her, leaned against her, nudged her, and touched her with his elbow. He also placed his hands on her knee and upper thigh three times.

A female flight attendant distributing snacks saw Camp’s hand near the girl’s crotch and tears on her face. The attendant ordered the man to move to the back of the aircraft and notified the captain.

An attorney for the victim’s family told CNN affiliate KOIN that the girl felt “frightened and trapped” during the incident.

“She is already saying she doesn’t want to be on an airplane ever again,” said Brent Goodfellow. “I sat with the family for about three hours…she didn’t want to be touched by her mom, every time she went to give her kid if a loving touch she would jump.”

The airline declined to provide details on the investigation but did say in a statement, “American cares deeply about our young passengers and is committed to providing a safe and pleasant travel experience for them. We wake these matters very seriously and have cooperated fully and immediately with law enforcement officials in their investigation of the suspect.”

Camp remains in custody in Multnomah County Jail. He made an initial court appearance Thursday, and is due back in court on Monday afternoon.