Brexit proponent positions not too different than Texit ones

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HOUSTON, TX - A member of a unified government wanting to leave to become it`s own untethered nation again.   It could be Brexit, or it could be Texit? The idea that Texas could secede from the United States rears its head every couple years or so, and the Texas Nationalist Movement says the two exit strategies aren`t too different.

“Virtually every Euroskeptic party that`s pushing for a referendum in their country are being propelled to prominence by the challenges they`re facing with immigration,” says Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement. “Every poll, 100% of the ones that we have seen, show that immigration and border issues are the number one concern for Texas voters.”

Brits pushing to leave the European Union also feel they pay more into the system than they get out of it, a sentiment echoed by Texas secessionists in regard to supporting the U.S. federal government.

“If the money we sent to Washington, D.C stayed here, and was spent according to the challenges that we face, according to our priorities, what would our schools look like? Would we have a sensible and sane immigration and border policy?” asks Miller.

But not everything is the same. Perhaps the starkest difference for those seeking an independent Texas is that, “…the British people have had their say! They have had an opportunity to have a very vigorous public debate, that culminated in a vote, and that`s the difference, this debate here in Texas has not been held in a serious manner, yet,” says Miller.

Don`t think the debate will ever be held in a serious manner? Hmm, bet you never thought we`d be considering, in any serious way, Donal Trump for President of the United State of America either.

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