Late ‘Voice’ singer’s fans want her turned into a new character in ‘Zelda’ game

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Fans of slain singer Christina Grimmie want to immortalize the late 'Voice' finalist in a really unique way by transforming her into a "Zelda" video game character.

"That just goes to show that Zelda is the best video game of all time," Christina joked, in a YouTube video she posted five years ago.

Christina grew up a huge fan of the game and now her fans have created petitions to make the video game giant Nintendo honor the late singer with her very own character.

One petition already has nearly 60,000 signatures and says, "It would be a beautiful act to let her be memorialized in the universe she always cherished."

Another petition with over 17,000 names mentions that Christina once tweeted that "if she died she would like to come back as an elf."

But so far, Nintendo has no plans to listen to the fans.

The company told Time magazine, "We won't be making any creative or content decisions in this time of mourning."

Still, Christina's fans keep signing and sharing, crossing their fingers that they will get to see a brand new elf next year when Nintendo releases the next "Legend of Zelda" game.

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