Simon Says: Congress can’t shoot straight on gun violence

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Your hunch is correct. Active shooters have been active. The FBI says over the past two years, we’re averaging 20 mass shootings! That’s the highest it’s ever been in a 24-month period.

It feels we’ve developed an all too familiar reflex with this. Shock, questions, vigils, political grandstanding, Presidential visits, funerals and then nothing.

When the next shooting happens, the whole cycle starts over again.

What’s it  going to take before REAL action is taken in Washington?

Where is evil going to have to show up to make someone you elected do something? Not your high school, college, movie theatre, church, office, and certainly not a Kindergarten class.

It’s sad, but it feels like an active shooter would literally  have to show up in the halls of Congress to get their attention.

Democratic sit-ins and Republicans yelling at them won’t accomplish a thing. That’s because “compromise” is not a job requirement for Congress.

You may have heard, they can’t even push through a way to prevent people on the “no-fly list” from buying a gun.

That’s like disagreeing over drinking and driving!

You have  to wonder if all these mass shootings happened during 1960s and 1970s would something  have been done? That’s  when there was bipartisanship on issues like Civil Rights, Food Stamps and Endangered species.

Today, it’s bye to bipartisanship because everyone in Washington works hard... at hating each other!

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