Taxpayers file lawsuit against HISD to stop the re-naming of eight area schools

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HOUSTON - "We want this stopped," one of the plaintiffs in a brand new lawsuit against HISD demanded!

Just when you thought the fight was over, a group of taxpayers have filed a lawsuit to stop HISD from re-naming eight area schools.

"It's a sad day when parents have to intervene with the school board," another plaintiff Ron Kahanek insisted. "...To make the school board comply with rules to act as stewards of the public trust."

HISD recently voted to re-name certain schools with controversial names, but this lawsuit claims that vote was illegal because some say taxpayers were not informed how much the name change would cost or where the money was coming from.

"I just don't believe in waste," plaintiff Adrienne Murry remarked. "I believe in using our money where it's effective, and I also don't believe in taking away the rights of the neighborhoods to their schools."

"We are wasting away money that can go towards student's education," plaintiff Nick Harris said.

Nancy Abrego, another plaintiff, agreed. "That money that they want to waste on trying to change names is wasteful money."

Some of the plaintiffs feel the re-naming of the schools is politically motivated.

"The school board made this decision to spend this money unnecessarily," Harris reflected. "And not let the community have some input."

"What we need to be doing right now is focusing on what the children need," Murry shared. "We do not need to be furthering political goals, and we need to as a city, come together and just say, 'What's important in education?'"

The suit also seeks to protect the schools as monuments under state law and prevent the school district from carving out the names from the 90-year-old buildings.

HISD says they have no comment on this case at this time.

One thing's for sure, this case brings a whole new meaning to the age-old question, "What's in a name?"

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