Caught On Camera: Did Wisconsin police use excessive force in arresting a teen girl?

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MADISON, WI - "Get your hands behind your back!," an officer yells as he tries to subdue a teen girl at a mall. "Do it now!"

The disturbing video of an African-American teenage girl arrested at a shopping mall in Wisconsin on Tuesday night has gone viral, and now protesters are outraged!

"And I can understand to some extent why they would have felt that way," Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said at a press conference the day after.

The video shows cops kicking and hitting 18-year-old Genele Laird. In the video, after an officer tells Laird to stop spitting at him, he eventually pulls out a taser. "Put your hands behind your back!" he says as she screams. "Do it!"

But police say the video does not show the complete story. Authorities say Laird was arrested because she had gone to a mall food court claiming to retrieve a stolen cell phone from a Taco Bell employee. Then, police say Laird started making threats.

"She even indicated that she had a knife and that she was willing to stab someone," Koval relayed. "And there was a flash of that knife."

Authorities say Laird kicked and scratched the arresting officers, and even spat in their eyes, but if she had not resisted arrest the incident would have ended much differently.

However, family and outraged citizens aren't buying that.

"She doesn't have any record," Laird's aunt insisted. "What happened to her was unfair.  She didn't deserve this."

With the department now conducting an internal review, protesters want action taken against the arresting officers.

Who knows what will happen next?

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