Elon Musk and Open AI to create chore robot

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -  Ladies, no one likes cleaning up their closet after 20 wardrobe changes, only to stick with the first thing you tried on.  Fellas, don't you wish it was never your turn to do the dishes?

Well it sounds like Elon Musk, the co-chairman of Open A-I is trying to bring us a chore robot.

Musk is the same guy who brought us electric cars and is working on sending humans to Mars.

In a blog post by Open A-I, they said the robot would be able to do "basic housework" on voice command.

If the bot does not understand one's request, it would ask for clarification.

Although Musk is excited about the project, he still thinks artificial intelligence has the potential to end the world, calling it our "biggest existential threat."

He's still sponsoring the project because he wants to be involved and monitor the advances of these robots.

As long as these bots can check off our chore list, we do not see any harm!