Golden State Warriors fan speaks out after Game 7 fall

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OAKLAND, CA - As Lebron James celebrates his big "W", there is  a fan on the defeated team who is still in pain after the Game 7 loss.

Salvator Bimbo, 21, got dunked, falling 50 feet from a ledge at Oracle Arena during the last game of the NBA finals.

Bimbo, a husband and father of two little boys, was enjoying a dream Father's Day celebration when he was allegedly pushed over the ledge by a Cavaliers fan.

Rumors about the die-hard-fan jumping over the ledge circulated.

Bimbo decided to set the record straight. His father recorded the 21-year-old from his hospital bed, where he clarifies, "I was pushed by a Cavaliers fan."

Now, the Golden State fan is recovering from elbow surgery. He will be bench-warming the hospital bed for a while, with more surgeries on the agenda.

Bimbo is hoping the cops call offensive foul on the alleged Cavs culprit.  "He's insane and I hope the police find him."

To all those crazed, possibly violent fans out there: remember free throws are only to be used on the court, not in the stands!