Things are getting ugly on the campaign trail

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - If you wanna know how things are going on the campaign trail, we can spell it out for ya! U-G-L-Y!

Yeah, it`s ugly, alright, between each political party’s presumptive nominee.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey shows a 12-point lead for the Democrats. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll narrows the margin to just five points. Either way, Donald Trump trails behind Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, her newest ad began airing this week. She slams Trump for his remarks right after the “Brexit” vote where he suggests possible economic turmoil could be good for his golf biz in Scotland. An excerpt from the political commercial says, “Every president is tested by world events. But Donald Trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them.”

Trump lashed out on Twitter to accuse Clinton of spending Wall Street money on the ad and calling her crooked.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, (D) Massachusetts got the crowd all riled up when she introduced Clinton at a campaign rally. "Donald Trump calls African-Americans, thugs; Muslims, terrorists; Latinos, rapists and terrorists; and women, bimbos.”

The first joint appearance with the Massachusetts Senator may fuel speculation about Clinton`s choice for a running mate. It did fuel another tweet from Trump calling Warren “unproductive, goofy and a liar.”

Political pundit George Will has been a conservative republican for more than 50 years. But not anymore.  Will is saying "See ya!" To the GOP. Apparently, Trump labeling an Indiana-born federal judge as a "Mexican" was the last straw.

The cast of the mega-hit Broadway musical, Hamilton will help Hillary and the DNC by performing one extra show in July.  Tickets for the joint fundraiser start at $2,700.00. For $100,000.00, you can get two tickets, sit with Hillary during the musical, and go to the Philly convention.

Do the math! With 1,300 seats in the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway, that`s gonna bring in a whole lot of Hamiltons!