A NewsFix original story: The 3 Bears

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HOWELL COUNTY, MISSOURI - Hey boys and girls, it`s NewsFix story time!  Today`s story is “The 3 Bears.” No Goldilocks in this story, though.

Once upon a time, a bear ran smack dab into the middle of a Missouri highway with cars zipping past at 65 miles per hour. He runs right into the side of a truck, then just keep going. Since no one got hurt, not even the bear, we`ve named him Lucky, as in lucky to be alive!

Chapter 2

California Wildlife Officials are hunting a black bear that attacked a camper. The victim was in his tent at the time and had no food or anything else attractive to wild animals, but the bear clawed the camper`s head anyway and the man needed stitches.

Lt. J.C. Healey of the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife says, “(This is) very rare. This is a statistical anomaly. The California black bear, the species, is very docile, very skittish. They really don't want anything to do with human interaction, but again it is a wild animal and if there are attractions, if they are hungry, if they are thirsty, again the term 'wild' is there for a reason."

We`ve named this bear, Lucy, since this one is still on the loose!

Chapter 3

An Ohio zoo was on lock-down after a 7-month-old black bear, named Joanie, escaped. Visitors were moved to safety while officials sedated the runaway bear. The whole adventure took about 15 minutes.

"Well, we had two 7-month-old black bears in our new exhibit and one of the females found the way out,” says  Lewis Greene of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. “The zoo trains for situations like this and in this case the bear was secured and she is back in her habitat and safe and sound, as well as the public."

Joanie and Stevie, another black bear, were just babies orphaned in the wild several months ago.  Now they're part of a brand new exhibit. It's not too big or too small. It seems to be just right.

The end.

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