Michigan mother sues doctor over unplanned pregnancy

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DEARBORN, MI - Imagine going to get permanent birth control and the doctor says you don't even need it!

Sounds like a relief, until all of a sudden you're pregnant.

Michigan resident, Lori Cichewicz, is suing the doctor she says mislead her.

In 2008, Cichewicz wanted to get her tubes tied so she wouldn't get knocked up. But her doctor said her Fallopian tubes were already blocked;  he said there was zero chance she would ever get pregnant.

Fast forward to 2011, Cichewicz was expecting a baby girl. "Three years later, they came unblocked and I had Reagan."

Now her 5-year-old daughter, Reagan, is the center of her family's life.

Reagan, who has Down syndrome, is described by her mother as " full of life . . .  everything you could ever imagine."

But at age 50, Cichewicz is worried about her daughters future, especially because of her daughter's needs. "Will I see her graduate college . . .  will I see her get married . . .  what am I setting this child up for?"

The mother is suing her doctor for wrongful contraception and wants damages for the emotional distress caused.

No word from the doctor regarding the lawsuit, but it is expected to go to jury trial later in the year.

As for Cichewicz, she makes it clear it's not her bundle of joy who made her feel distressed. "I can't imagine life with out her now . . .  having a child with special needs is a gift."

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