More details emerge from Katy, Mom shoots and kills her 2 daughters

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KATY, TX -Details continue to emerge in the tragic deaths of 22-year-old Taylor and 17-year old Madison Sheats. Two sisters, shot to death by their own mother, 42-year-old Christy Sheats, who was also shot and killed by police. The sole survivor, Christy’s husband Jason Sheats, has yet to emerge publicly for comment.

Taylor Sheats was to marry her boyfriend Juan Sebastian Lugo, Monday, but the horrific events Friday left both families grieving.

The gun used was a .38 caliber handgun, a 5 shot pistol that Christy took the time to reload during the chaos.

Fort Bend County Sheriff`s Office confirmed they had been called out to the Sheats` home 14 times since 2012. Some were in response to alarm calls, but the FBCSO refused to comment further on the rest of the calls, although Sheriff Troy Nehls did tell HLN`s Dr. Drew that 3 of those calls had to do with attempted suicide.

Laura Collins is a Senior Reporter at Large for She recounts a phone interview she had with Madison's best friend, as they discussed the last conversation her B.F.F. had with Madison the day of the shooting.

“She said that Madison sounded weird to her and upset, and she said that she was arguing with her mum, but she wouldn’t go into any detail… She said she never had any inkling that there was any serious trouble… She was just profoundly shocked,” shared Collins shared with NewsFix.

Reactions on social media have been heartfelt. On the Seven Lakes Alumni Facebook page, a post announced the loss to friends and former classmates of Taylor. Messages of love and condolences filled the comments.

The incident has drawn another kind of social media attention, though. Because the mother, Christy Sheats, posted on Facebook in support of the 2nd Amendment, gun control advocates have taken to propping this family`s tragedy up as an example for their cause.

Sadness and opportunism, all while two families and a neighborhood try to begin the process of healing, and beg for their privacy.

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