‘Running Man of the Law’: HPD dance video goes viral

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HOUSTON- The Houston Police Department issued a very serious statement last night and it’s as serious as a groovy dance-off video can be. HPD has gotten behind the running man craze and is going viral with their new recruitment video, putting a whole new meaning to the phrase “to protect and serve.”

In the six and a half-minute video, various members of HPD, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and even a few special guests boogied down to the 90’s dance hit that’s driven the internet crazy.

"Sometimes you have to be able to have fun with it and you have to kind of be able to laugh at yourself also," said Senior Police Officer Angela Douglas as she described the video.

The video is jam packed with all of the goofy, awkward and downright silly moves you might expect and even has a few criminally bad dad jokes peppered in here and there.

HPD believes that this video will help connect the department with the community, making them look more lighthearted and fun-loving, and help them with their current recruitment campaign.

"We wanted to show our department in a more human, lighter side, but also recruiting, we use this as a recruiting tool," Douglas said.

Though, at the end of the video, things do get a little intense as HPD takes its gloves off, issuing a challenge to the Dallas Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.

Dallas, the ball is in your court and Houston isn’t horsing around about this dance contest.

Let's go!


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