Will the Astrodome become a parking lot/ green space?

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HOUSTON-  Dome, dome, dome, dome. The latest proposal for the future of the Astrodome turns the Eighth Wonder of the World into a parking garage.

Yep, for a mere $105 million, this plan opts for the Dome be gutted and converted to a “green” area… with a new two level, 1,400 space parking garage below.

Think of this as the “Field of Dreams” plan (If you build it, he will come). “Once you have 9 acres of climate controlled, open space that all these groups can use- and you have parking underneath (edit) that can be used by the Live Stock Show and Rodeo, OTC, festivals, gatherings” says Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett.

If you’re thinking, didn’t we vote to tear it down?  No, but we’ll let the judge explain. “The vote was not to tear it down, the vote was to approve or not approve a bond. And the voters voted not to approve the bond- to do something with the Dome.”

Emmett says one upside is, no tax increase, and the “pay to park profits” and rental fees should cover the cost of construction. If the Texas Historical Commission okays this plan, and Commissioners vote yes later in the year, construction would begin after the Super Bowl.

So whether you love it or hate it, relax... the Dome’s not gonna change overnight.


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