Witnesses tell tales of bloody carnage in Turkish terror strike, US airports go on high alert

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Istanbul, Turkey - After Tuesday's horrific terror attack in Turkey, authorities say at least 41 people are dead and another 239 are injured.

Survivors tell terrifying tales of what they saw and heard. "I just recognized the gunshots and then heard this huge explosion, and I knew immediately it was a bomb," witness Sue Savage recalled. "And there was a lot of blood."

Officials say three individuals dressed in suicide vests arrived by taxis at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Two of them entered the international terminal, and one remained outside at the pick-up and drop-off area where he apparently blew himself up.

Will Carter, another witness to the attack, said "there was a lot of people falling down on the ground, not knowing what's going on, sort of a -- no one was really clear what was happening."

Officials say all three attackers opened fire with guns before eventually detonating their suicide vests.

President Obama spoke with Turkey's prime minister. "We stand with the people of Turkey," he declared. "And we intend to do what's necessary to make sure that these kinds of terrible events are not happening."

"We are still collecting information and trying to ascertain what happened and who did it," Secretary of State John Kerry announced.

The Istanbul Ataturk Airport is open again but it's hardly business as usual. Crews are cleaning up broken glass, bloody footprints, and barely-dried blood all over the international terminal.

Meantime, airports back in the US are on high alert, including Houston's Bush Intercontinental...where fliers are naturally nervous.

"It's a very sad situation," passenger Jessica Bigil reflected.

"I think they should have had security outside the door," another flier, James Hope, decided. "Before you even could walk in through the door they should have security right there."

Perhaps flier Glenda Rice summed up the current climate best: "We've got to make sure that nothing else happens."

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