Disney ‘magic’ makes alligator characters disappear from park, but is this a crock?

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ORLANDO, FL - Forget about 'Finding Dory,' what about finding a gator? Disney seems to be saying "See ya later, alligator."

Disney World has reportedly started pulling alligator and crocodile characters from its park.

Guess it's a small world, afterall...and it's getting a whole lot smaller for the gators!

Disney got out a hook-- and like a crook-- they yanked Peter Pan's beloved "Tic Tock Croc," pulling him out of the Festival of Fantasy parade. So, he no longer has a float.

Talk about missing the boat!

They've also pulled the plastic gators out of the jungle cruise and stopped the guides from telling jokes about gator attacks.

No joke!

All this in response to the Nebraska toddler who was recently killed by a gator.

But some people think Disney should be going after the real culprits-- like the gators in the water-- not the ones on the screen.

About 240 gators have reportedly been trapped on Disney property over the past decade.

But now, Disney World has become...a world without alligators?

So far, Disney is being mum on the whole thing.

But you can bet 'ole Tic Tock Croc has something to say: 'CHOP!'

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