FDA warns the public not to eat raw cookie dough

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HOUSTON, TX - Guess we're crossing one more item off the "Things we did as kids but can't do anymore" list.

There's always been a rumored danger linked with eating raw cookie dough. It's mostly having to do with possible salmonella in uncooked eggs. Now the Food and Drug Administration is saying the real concern with consuming raw cookie dough is not the eggs, it's the flour. You know, the harmless looking, white, powdery stuff.

Well, according to the FDA, there's an outbreak of E. Coli linked to uncooked flour. So far, at least 38 people have gotten ill after eating the raw stuff, with symptoms including bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramping. And eating raw cookie dough isn't the only thing to stay away from. The FDA also warns parents that home-made "play dough" may also contain E. Coli.

The good news is that store-bought cookie dough ice cream is still safe to eat, because they use pasteurized eggs and cooked flour to make it. So keep on licking the ice cream version and stay away from the raw stuff. Sound advice, because eating raw cookie dough after a warning has been issued sounds like a half-baked idea to us.

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