Maine’s first lady is a working waitress

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BOOTHBAY HARBOR, MAINE - Some diners at a seafood restaurant in Maine are doing a double-take when they see their waitress.  Houstonians may not recognize her, but many of the customers in Maine do.

Serving up surf-n-turf is none other than Maine`s first lady, Anne LePage. Hubby Paul`s job as governor pays $70,000.00 a year, which makes him the lowest paid governor in the country. So, while he serves year five in office, she serves the lunch rush three days a week!

"It's all about the money,” says Anne LePage. “It's all about the money. But I told him my money that I earned here, I'm putting it in a little kitty, I want to buy a car this summer."

Sounds similar to a high school kid saving up for a set of wheels. According to her manager at Mc Seagulls, LePage is already asking for extra shifts.

By the way, governors` salaries are typically determined by the state`s constitution or statute. Pennsylvania`s top job earns the most, with more than $187,000.00 a year.

As for Texas? Not too shabby. Greg Abbot ranks 12th with $150K.

Hey, if you don`t tip this waitress well, do you have to ask the governor to (ahem) pardon you?

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