Simon Says: The Founding Fathers would freak out today!

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The USA is 240 years old!

This July 4th, I don’t know how to look at us. We’re kind of like a character on “Game of Thrones.” We may look young and beautiful, but take off an accessory or two, and our real age shows! (Sorry for the spoiler alert... it happened months ago.)

What if the “founders” were around today? It’s something some of you have thought about. A recent Gallop Poll says 71% of you think they would be disappointed with the country.

I think they’d be freaked out.

I mean, THEY invented Independence Day, and now Britain just did the same thing with Brexit!

Would the Founders freak out how we still talk about the Second Amendment? They would also wonder how long the Revolutionary War would have lasted if George Washington had one assault rifle.

We all know taxes were a major reason behind our split from the British, but wouldn’t the“founders” laugh today when they learned how millions of us can’t file our taxes because of identity theft.

The 4th can give us more to think about than  fireworks. We know one thing,  those guys put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration of Independence. That took courage, and for years it feels like our leaders lack it.

When you think of it, America today is kinda’ like "Game of Thrones," but more like this version : Game of Moans.

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