Mystery of the ‘Poop Fairy’ may have been solved in Colorado

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DENVER, CO - We all know Santa, and the Easter Bunny, and even the Tooth Fairy...but did you know there's another living legend just for dogs?

Colorado resident Dave Campbell says, "I mean, I've heard of the Tooth Fairy, but I'm not sure about the Poop Ferry."

The Poop Fairy?!

Yes, Virginia....there is a Poop Fairy!

Denver resident Carlynn Ross describes him: "A small little man...I'd say around the age of 55...definitely white hair and big belly-- similar to Santa, but he also carries a little bag over his shoulder and wears all brown."

Yeah, rumor has it, the Poop Fairy is one busy dude! They say he goes around picking up leftover dog poop.

"Underneath each bag of poop there's a little golden coin or something like that," Campbell jokes.

Well, that part might be made-up.

Of course, some don't believe in the Poop Fairy at all, and out in Colorado that's a real problem.

"There's just poop everywhere," Denver resident Ernest Arello explains. "A lot of people let their dogs go."

That's why some wonder if this Fairy is real-- or legend?

Okay, let's get real here. Leftover dog poop can lead to harmful bacteria, and that can eventually possibly contaminate the water supply!

"I kind of just thought that whenever it was left it just disappeared," Ross chuckles. "But I guess that's because of the Poop Fairy."

Well, we still wanna know....who is the real Poop Fairy?

Denver's Emma Gage contemplates the question. "I don't think I'm the Poop Fairy," she laughs. "...But maybe!"

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