New medicine for dogs takes the fear out of fireworks

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STAFFORD - Is your dog a “fraidy” cat when it comes to loud noises like fireworks and thunder?

Good news because there’s a new drug to help your pooch put up with the Fourth of July "boom, boom, pows”.

Sileo is an oral gel that you put between the cheek pouch and gum line in a dog specifically for noise aversion, which means thunder and fireworks. It’s going to be perfect for Fourth of July, so I’m happily prescribing it," explains Dr. Heather Puksta of Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital in Stafford, Texas.

If your pooch pants, paces, hides, and acts like “Chicken Little” every time it thunders, ya’ might wanna talk to your vet.

“We have not found a downside to this drug. It comes in a tube. It’s good for 14 days, it typically takes about 30 minutes for it to start working. In our experience, we’ve had dogs that go lay down and go back to sleep in the middle of a thunderstorm," says Puksta.

That’s just what happened when we tested this drug on a NewsFix dog. He went from frightened to calm in less than 30 minutes.

Sileo will cost you about $35 to $40 and you can only get it from your vet.

Now, you and your “best friend” can enjoy July 4th.

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