Officials peg a ‘one-armed terrorist’ as the mastermind behind the Turkish airport attack, but where is he now?

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY - More details are coming out about the mastermind behind the Turkish terror attack- and talk about a one-armed bandit!

Officials say Akhmed Chatayev, nicknamed "Akhmed One-Arm",is a terrorist from Russia who planned and ordered Tuesday's attack on the Ataturk Airport.

And with a nickname like that, you know this must be one bad dude!

They say Akhmed served as a top soldier for a major leader of ISIS.

"We believe he coordinated with the three suicide bombers in Istanbul to conduct this attack during the season of Ramadan," Texas Rep. Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, declared.

The Feds added Akhmed to their list of world terrorists last year, saying he was planning attacks against U.S. and Turkish facilities.

Sadly, they were apparently right.

But right now, no one knows where he is...or what he is up to, and that makes Akhmed probably the most wanted terrorist in the world right now.

U.S. officials are nervous....especially going into the Fourth of July weekend.

"So we are really on a high state of alert right now," McCaul said. "...Through the season of Ramadan."

The season of Ramadan lasts through July 5th, so this weekend, security will be tight just about everywhere-- but especially in our nation's capital.

"We always plan for the emergency," Lt. James Murphy of the Park Police on the National Mall announced. "And then we plan for the secondary and the third emergency."

Officials hope that "planning" will prevent another attack.

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