Firefighters try to beat the heat in ‘hot truck challenge’

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HOUSTON - To celebrate the Fourth of July we decided to have a cookout - NewsFix style!

And God Bless America, it’s hot out there! So let's see if we can cook a cheeseburger and hot dogs in a NewsFix oven… a.k.a., a car.

And for dessert, we've got S'mores. No need for a campfire, Mother Nature will melt these babies. While our meal is cooking, let's check in with the Cy Fair Volunteer Fire Department, who's doing their "hot car challenge" in a fire truck.

Captain David Padovan explains, “We’ve got two firefighters sitting inside. We’re going to turn the engine off and they’re going to see how long they can last in there.  The reason we’re doing this is to bring awareness about not to leave loved ones-  pets, children, elderly - in a hot vehicle this time of year. If it brings awareness and we save one life, ultimately, it’s worth it.”

For more than half an hour, firefighters Andrew Nix and Ravi Maini battled the heat inside their fire truck. After 35 minutes with temps around 104 degrees, Cy-Fair paramedics put an end to the "easy bake challenge".

“You know, I thought I was okay sitting in the seat, but as soon as I stand… I’m really… I can definitely tell I’m a lot weaker," says Nix.

Maini had a similar experience, “I didn’t think it was going to be as bad as it was and then that first step… I, you feel a little loopy. It wasn’t normal. I felt different. I didn’t feel myself.”

Both firefighters were able to cool down and are okay. “The reason we did this, the reason they endured all this, is so we can get the message out: Look before you lock. Look before you lock," urges Padovan.

As for our cookout… well let’s just say, we hope your burger and dogs turnout better than ours.