July 4th is a hot dog holiday

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HOUSTON - The July 4th holiday is all about celebrating America's independence, but it's also a hot dog holiday.  So we asked people, "Why hot dogs are part of this holiday?"

Amanda Howard gave us the intellectual answer, “I think the hot dog is a traditional American food because we as Americans are an agricultural nation and our growth and prosperity is based on meat - pork and beef, and that's what hot dogs are."

Matthew Cude says it's because, "They taste good and they're easy."

His son Carter adds, "I think America made the first hot dog."

"A hot dog is a representation of America because you can really put everything on it. It’s a big melting pot," says Daniel Caballero, who owns Good Dog Houston, in the Heights (with another location opening soon in Montrose).

Caballero's hot dog joint hosted the first ever impromptu "NewsFix Hot Dog Eating Contest" featuring Ryan and Justin Kattchee, in a battle of brothers. No Joey Chestnutts here, but they had some dog gone fun!

This All-American eatery was packed, but surprisingly the highest demand for dogs doesn’t come on the Fourth of July weekend. “We actually have a couple of festivals that happen twice a year: White Linen Night the other is the Lights in the Heights Festival, and those are overwhelmingly crowded” explains Caballero.

Hmm, hot dogs, an All American meal and not just for the Fourth!