Eight-time hot dog-eating champ makes history in Coney Island once again!

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BROOKLYN, NY – What’s the Fourth of July without a hot dog-eating contest?

Yeah, the Nathan’s Famous tradition continued in Brooklyn where 8-time dog-eating champ Joey Chestnut made history!

After being upset last year by fellow San Jose, California-native Matt Stonie, this year, Chestnut came roaring back with a vengeance.

Chestnut won this dog-fight in a landslide by downing 70 hot dogs in just 10 minutes!

That was the most hot dogs ever consumed during a competition.

Last year’s champ– Stonie– lost by a whopping 17 hot dogs.

So, Chestnut reclaimed his Mustard Yellow International Belt and his spot in the hot dog eating ‘kitchen of fame.’

…Which wasn’t hard to predict considering Chestnut set a new record last month when he downed 73 1/2 hot dogs in a qualifying round!

On the ladies side, there were plenty of buns going down, too.

In the end, Miki Sudo wiped out her competition by slamming 38 dogs down!

But this Fourth will be remembered for the re-crowned ‘King of the ‘Dogs.’ As the Nathan’s announcer stated, “The once and future king…Joey Chestnut!”