Gunman on the run after robbing Jimmy John’s employee in Midtown, shooting witness in head

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HOUSTON - In Midtown, a botched robbery turned violent outside of a popular sandwich shop.

Cameron Bereunig was opening the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop on Brazos Street when a man wearing dark glasses and a hoodie came up from behind.

“He jumped up and put his gun into my back and tried to push me into the store. I pushed back. Then he hit me on the head with his gun. I fell to the ground and he tried to pull me into the store by my shoe. My shoe came off and I kicked him,” said Bereunig, the morning manager at Jimmy John’s.

An eye witness spotted the assault from the Walgreen’s parking lot across the street.

“Then he went over the side of the building and shot his gun and I got up and took off running," Bereunig said.

While Bereunig was running away, a witness yelled, “call the police,” and was shot in the head. That victim survived.

While Bereunig is still shaken up and shoeless, he's glad the would-be robber didn't pull off his heist.

“It sucks. I mean, I’m glad he didn’t take anything and I’m glad the other guy is doing alright," he said. “It'd be nice if people had more than one person going in to open a store in the morning. If there were more people, it wouldn’t have been the same situation.”

As the police tie up loose ends and wash the blood from the crime scene, they continue their search for the missing gunman.