Meadows Place Fourth of July parade brings small town USA feel back to Independence Day

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MEADOWS PLACE, Texas -Meadows Place might not be the biggest place in the Houston area.

“We’re one square mile, well.. almost one square mile, we’ve got 4,660 people. It’s Mayberry-esque if you will, all we’re missing is Andy,” says Mayor Charles Jessup.

But what they lack in size, they more than make up for in patriotism.

“About half the town watches, and about half the town’s in it. We love our country, we love our state, and we’re proud to say so!” says Jessup.

“That’s why they have this parade, all these jeeps, all these specially decorated vehicles to say “Happy birthday America. You are 240 years old today,” said Rep. Pete Olson, of Texas’ 22nd District.

This 4th of July parade through the community has been a long-standing tradition that brings out the best in what America has to offer.