Neighbor’s dog retrieves blown-off hand, man loses foot and more fireworks accidents across nation

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CHICAGO, IL. - Talk about an explosive holiday!

A Chicago man blew his hand off with fireworks, and the next door neighbor's dog found the hand a few hours later in the front yard!

"And I hear a big boom, and I thought it was a gunshot and heard a scream," neighbor Cheri Steigert recalled. "And I have body parts flying in my yard."

Yeah, police say the guy had the equivalent of a half-stick of dynamite blow up next to his hand so he was rushed to a trauma center right away.

But then authorities couldn't find the remaining portion of his hand until the neighbor's dog came through and saved the, hand, anyway.

Then, further down the road in Bridgeview, Illinois....

"I was scared because I thought they were blowing up like explosions," little 9-year-old Julia Doles described what she heard on Sunday afternoon.

A worker setting up a $12,000 fireworks display saw it all go up in smoke, instead.

"I knew that something went wrong," another neighbor remarked. "It was like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!"

The worker inserted one firework, and apparently the friction from that sparked the entire display to go off.

"They had one patient that was injured," Bridgeview Fire Department Battalion Chief David Lis said. "He was transported to Christ Hospital for treatment."

Meantime, in New York's Central Park, an 18-year-old Virginia man may have blown off his foot!

Officials say he was walking with friends when he stepped on something that blew up and sent him to the hospital with "a possible amputation."

And now it's the one-year anniversary of the New York Giant's Jason Pierre-Paul's explosive celebration.

"So, Fourth of July I lit up a firework," Pierre-Paul revealed. "Thought I could throw it away real quick....and blew off my whole hands...right there."

That blast cost the NFL star millions and nearly cost him his life.

Now Pierre-Paul has some wise advice for all of us.  In a new PSA he warns, "Keep fireworks away from kids!"

And definitely keep fireworks away from hands and feet!