Houston-area teen severely burned, loses part of leg after fireworks accident

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HOUSTON - A Houston-area teen has been severely burned, lost a part of his leg and may possibly lose his eyesight after a fireworks accident over the weekend.

According to family members, Rowdy Radford was trying to make a "sparkler bomb" by tying nearly 200 sparklers together Saturday when his creation exploded in his face. The 15-year-old boy was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital with serious injuries.

Rowdy's family detailed the injuries he suffered on a gofundme account set up on the teen's behalf.

Part of his left leg was amputated, and his right leg is also injured.

Metal fragments from the fireworks blew into his face, which was burned, and doctors say there is a 50/50 chance that he may lose his vision.

Both of Rowdy's arms were severely damaged and pins and screws were needed to hold his wrists and elbows together.

Some of his fingers were blown off and they have been reattached, but it is unknown if the fingers will work or have to be removed later.

Family member say Rowdy was an energetic boy with dreams of being a mechanic.

Donations can be made toward his recovery on gofundme.

Rowdy's mother, Wendy Hendrickson, posted about her son's tragedy on Facebook.