Canadian government announces task force to prepare the country for legalizing pot

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OTTAWA, CANADA - Oh, Canada!

The Canadian government just announced a task force to prepare the nation to legalize recreational marijuana.

Yep, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran on the "Legalize Pot Platform"-- and won!

So no wonder the dude wants everyone to light up.

Yeah, Trudeau told the Canadian Parliament earlier this year that he believes in legalization because "it protects our kids and keeps money out of the pockets of criminal organizations and street gangs."

Apparently our neighbors to the north got the idea for legalization from America, where states like Colorado and Washington went legal with Mary-Jane-- and everything seems to be going great.

So the Canadian task force report will be out in November, and some say pot could be legal up there as early as 2017!

With the US border so close to Canada's major cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver-- some believe the US drug policy could get a major overhaul as a result of our neighbors going legal.

So, get ready, America. If our neighbors can do it, we can, too!

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