House of Representatives back after Democrat ‘sit-in’ to vote on gun control

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The House of Representatives is continuing the political headache that is gun control laws.

On June 22nd, the Democratic Party staged a 24-hour "sit-in" in which they tried shutting down the House in order to vote on gun control.

The Republican party was not having it; Speaker Paul. D Ryan called it "nothing more than a publicity stunt."

After a hectic standoff, July 5th was declared the day they would reconvene.

The Democratic party is seeking two new gun control amendments.  The first would not allow people on the federal "no-fly" list to buy guns; the second would require more extensive background checks.

Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson says, "This legislation does not go far enough to prevent gun violence, but it serves as a step in order to continue an open dialogue,"

If the Democrats do not get the votes they are looking for, then another sit-in could be in the works.  Speaker Paul Ryan says he will not put up with it.

For this political headache, compromise might be the only cure!

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