New algorithm may help keep the internet more honest

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LONDON - The truest thing known about lying? Everyone does it.

Researchers at City University London say their new algorithm for automated deception detection could make figuring out who’s lying to you in text  as easy as checking your spelling.

The scientists say that when we lie, we all tend to write in a similar fashion.

For instance, we use fewer pronouns like “I”, “you”, “she” or “he.” Also, liars tend to over-explain.

The plan is to make an extension you could add to your web browser, proving those online dating profiles, “sick” employees calling out, and even insurance scammers are the lying liars we always thought they were.

So far the algorithm is only 70% effective, where as humans given the same material were only 54% effective.

It looks like, in the future, the machines won’t just be taking our jobs, they’ll be keeping us honest too!


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