No shortage of books about Donald Trump

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NEW YORK, NY - Looking for some summer reading? You`re in luck! These days, there`s no shortage of books about a well-known Donald!

Not Donald Duck! Donald John Trump, the presumptive republican nominee.

The newest book to hit shelves is called “Trump and Me,” by Mark Singer. It includes a profile published in “The New Yorker” 19 years ago.

Over the years, Singer has written some unflattering things about Trump, though, and has even gotten a hand-written note in return saying, “Mark, you are a total loser! And your book (and writings) sucks!”

There are some other good beach reads about The Donald out there. Parodies, comic books, satires and even a collection from cartoonist Garry Trudeau called "Yuge! 30 Years of Doonsebury on Trump."

All these books got us thinking, how would Dr. Seuss have written about Donald Trump? Here`s one possible excerpt:

Some voters like this billionaire.

Some voters like his wavy hair.

Some say they like him on the stump.

Some say they like this man called, Trump.

But would they like him with a mouse?

Should he live in The White House?

Come November, do you know what you will do?

Americans will choose between thing one and thing two.

Whether voting in Houston, Boston, or Baton Rouge,

One thing`s for Trump would say, “It`s gonna be yuuuuuuge!”


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