Oregon man goes to sleep, then wakes up paralyzed

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SALEM, OR - Can you imagine going to sleep feeling a bit sick, and then waking up to find out you're paralyzed from the waist down?

That's exactly what happened to Joe Jasmer last month!

The Oregon man says most people would have a hard time with that. "Waking up to that would just make them bitter and angry...depressed," Jasmer said. "And I took it very lightly....that this isn't what it should be."

Doctors say he has a rare disease caused by inflammation of the spinal cord.

Some people in Jasmer's condition never walk again, and doctors have already told him he will never have full feeling in his legs again.

But that hasn't stopped him from trying. "With every single muscle that's moving, we're celebrating," Jasmer explained.

After three weeks of therapy, Jasmer seems incredibly calm with what he's going through, but he says he's determined to overcome it.

But Jasmer has another problem: he doesn't have insurance, and he can't afford to continue to pay for therapy.

"At this point, I've got maybe three weeks worth of money left," he shared.

So friends have created a website to help him raise money for therapy.

"I want, you know, to show people that it's not the end of their road," Jasmer promised. "It's not the end of the life, you can get up out of this chair and walk. That it is possible."

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