Adults invading Snapchat not making it “so cool” anymore

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VENICE, CA - The whole family is on Facebook, so you keep your page PG, but posts get a little riskier on Snapchat.

Without a care in the world, you snap selfies with shots of Patron and that filter that wipes the boozy sweat right off your skin.  Hell, you don't have to filter what you post, mom and dad aren't watching . . .  until now!

Adults ages 35 and up are invading the snap game. In the last year and a half, their presence on the app has gone from 9% to 14%.

But not to worry, younger generations are still winning number wise.  Sixty-eight percent of people ages 18 to 24 are on the app and so are 38% of people ages 25 to 34.

So is this adult takeover going to cause Snapchat to lose its "cool" appeal? Not according to SCOR VP of Marketing and Insights, Andrew Lipsan.

Lipsan says those concerns "have been overblown."

So keep on snapping on!

P.S. - If you haven't heard, Snapchat just announced a new timeline feature called "Memories." It's going to allow you to look back at old snaps on the app itself.