Mega Millions Mania: Friday could be your day to become a half-billionaire!

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ROSENBERG, Texas-- Is 35 your lucky number? Then you could be well on your way to becoming a half-billionaire. That's because nobody won the Mega Millions on Tuesday. It was the 34th drawing in a row without a winner, so number 35 on Friday could be your lucky day. The pot is estimated at $508 million!

It's more than twice what Donald Trump admits he has in liquid assets (though he did tell Newsweek his net worth goes up and down, depending on how he feels). Whatever!

This is third largest jackpot in Mega Millions history. So what could you buy if you won?  Well, the cash payout would be $357 million. So in .357 Magnum Colt Python handguns, that's about 137,000-- more than enough for your own militia.

Want a diamond encrusted bluetooth headset?  At $50,000 a piece, you could hand 'em out like candy to your 7,140 closest friends.

Love to travel but you'd prefer your own private helicopter? Even at $1.85 million bucks each, you could get your own fleet of almost 200 of them.

Most of the folks we talked at Rudy's Stop & Shop in Rosenberg who were buying Mega Millions tickets said they hadn't really thought about what they would do if the won. But after considering it, they had answers ranging from paying bills and donating to their church to buying sports cars, paying off college loans and traveling.

We should probably warn you: your odds of winning are one in 259,000,000. But who cares?! It's just a dollar to play, and 35's your lucky number, right?