Hoverboards are being recalled by the thousands, 500K to be exact

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BAKERSFIELD, CA -  You knew this was coming.  A half-a-million Hoverboards are being recalled across the country due to fire hazards.

A real surprise….NOT!

Remember the excitement when hoverboards hit the shelves?  It was like going back to the future, right?

Seems like everyone was doing it!  Even at least one priest hovered his way through his congregation while singing during a Sunday mass.

Then came the epic fails. The wipe-outs.  The fires. Many of which were caught on cameras with many of the videos going viral.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been at least 99 burn injuries and reports of property damage linked to the Hoverboard.

Again….a real shocker!

Apparently, the battery packs can overheat causing sparks, smoke, and even explosions!

Hoverboards sold in stores and online between June 2015 and May 2016 are the ones being recalled.  The recalls were all made in China. Now the safety commission says think twice before balancing on a board.

Pretty grounded advice, if you ask me!