New character in Iron Man franchise will be a 15-year-old black girl

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NEW YORK CITY - The demographics are changing in the Marvel universe!  News hit the comic world that the new Iron Man - will be an Iron Woman! Well... Girl... She's 15 - - and black! A stark change from ol` Tony.

Time Magazine interviewed the writer and what we know - after enrolling at M.I.T. around the age most teenagers are finishing their freshman year in high school, Riri Williams reverse engineers an Iron Man suit in her dorm.

It's suggested that with Tony stepping down, he hands the iron man legacy over to this new and rising intellect.

Fans see it as another move by the industry to be more diverse and inclusive.

Like with Lady Thor showing what a woman can do with a hammer, young Hispanic Sam Alexander dawned the nova helmet, and the latest Ms. Marvel grew up an American Muslim.

Don`t worry comic fans, knowing Riri is on her way doesn't spoil anything in the Civil War II saga. Even if you think you know what happens - you don't. No word if she'll keep the same name, but come on ... They can't pass up the obvious... Iron Maiden!?