Starbucks raising coffee prices soon

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SEATTLE, WA - Dear Starbucks: word on the street is, you're upping your prices on July 12th?!

As if the price of your coffee could go any higher!

You see, most of us require a caffeine jolt just to get through the daily grind.

So tell us, how much is it going to be?

We know a recent computer glitch jacked up prices 30 cents, an error you corrected . . .  but is that what's brewing?

Why do you have to do us like this Starbs?! You already raised your prices last July.

Seriously, the struggle is real. These days friends can recite each others Starbucks orders by heart, but don't even know their phone numbers!

So please, Starbucks, put a lid on it.

But who are we kidding? We'll probably keep coming back for more, even if it means we have less beans in the bank.



Starbucks Addicts Anonymous.