Woman makes dress entirely out of other people’s pubic hair

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LONDON, ENGLAND - Drop your food and get ready to gag.

A London fashion designer found out if the carpet matched the drapes when making a dress out of pubic hair!

Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, went viral after designing a dress made out of Skittles. Even though that sounds pretty tasty, this hairy garb is the exact opposite.

According to "The Mirror," for six months Bryan collected pubic hair from anyone willing to donate. Apparently thousands of people responded, which means this chick received pubic hair shipments on the regular.

The worst part is she says she would store it in her 13-year-old son's room.

Inspiration for the dress comes from Lady Gaga's scandalous meat dress at the 2010 MTV awards.

Unfortunately for the world, the nauseating ensembles aren't going anywhere.

Bryan tweeted: "I need sperm donations to use as the glue for my new design. Here is a picture if you need a hand. Thanks."

Oh hell no, somebody knock some sense into this woman or who know what we'll see next!