A homeless man’s 911 call led to the police shooting of CD seller in Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge, LA - Gripping audio of an officer calling in the shooting of Alton Sterling...a case that has the entire nation riveted:

Officer: "Shots fired, shots fired..."

Dispatcher: "Copy. Shots fired. North Foster... North Foster...Farfield."

Officer: "Both officers ok. Suspect is down. I need EMS Code 3."

....Video reveals police shot Sterling, and he died in a pool of blood in a convenience store parking lot.

A coroner's preliminary autopsy report shows Sterling died of "multiple gunshot wounds" to the chest and back.

But the store owner says Sterling was blindsided by the cops showing up in the first place.

"He was really confused," convenience store owner Abdullah Muflahi said. "He didn't know what was going on or why they were there. He asked them before, when they started trying to push him against the car- 'what did I do wrong? What's going on?'"

A homeless man reportedly called 911 claiming that Sterling pulled a gun on him when he approached him at his CD table.

A police dispatcher called out, "Suspicious Code 2 at 2100 North Foster across from Fairfield."

That call led police to the scene, but video shows the officers rushing in to harshly confront Sterling from the get-go. The confrontation only escalated from there. "Both cops got on top of him," Muflahi described. "...And one of them said 'gun' and that's when they shot him."

Apparently, the officers also didn't render aid to Sterling after they shot him.

"I remember hearing at one point that one of the other officers saying 'just leave him laying there,'" Muflahi recalled.

The two arresting officers have been identified as Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, who have a combined seven years on the force.

They have been interviewed by police, and the officers remain on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

Large crowds gathered again to hold a peaceful protest and a vigil for Sterling.

"One, I just want my brother buried," Sterling's sister, Anjelica Sterling, shared. "We want our brother buried. Two, we want justice. That's all we ask. Justice."