Republicans grill FBI Director over decision not to charge Clinton, new bill could take away Clinton’s security clearance

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WASHINGTON D.C. - The fireworks were still flying big-time on Capitol Hill when FBI Director James Comey testified before a House Committee on Thursday.

"Secretary Clinton said she never sent or received any classified information over her private email.  Was that true?" South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy asked.

"Our investigation found that there was classified information sent," Comey responded.

"So it was not true," Gowdy quickly concluded, in a chiding manner.

Comey indicated that a typical government worker would have been disciplined for the way Clinton handled classified information.

And that suggestion kept Republicans hammering Comey's decision not indict Clinton.

"I think there is a legitimate concern that there is a double standard," Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz declared.

Comey came under fire after revealing that three of Clinton's 'deleted emails' were classified, but despite that, his agency claims they could not prove 'criminal intent.'

"I do not see evidence that is sufficient to establish that Secretary Clinton or those to whom she was corresonding both talked about classified information on email and knew when they did it, they were doing something that was against the law," Comey insisted.

Still, Republicans insist that Clinton's "intent" was clear. "Hillary Clinton created this mess," Chaffetz asserted. "It wasn't Republicans. It wasn't anybody else. She made a very conscious decision."

Meantime, Texas Senator John Cornyn has asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch to release Clinton's FBI interview transcript to the public, saying this case demands "unusual transparency."

And...Cornyn also introduced a bill to revoke Clinton's security clearance, which would basically keep her from being president.

So, while she may have escaped criminal charges from the FBI, it looks like Hillary is in for one heck of a political war for at least the rest of the year!