Donating blood for Dallas

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SUGAR LAND, TX - The Sugar Land neighborhood donor center, was filled with people helping our neighbors to the north.  "We've decided to be open an extra weekend day over the next two weeks," explains Joshua Buckley, Media Relations Manager for the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

Houston helped out  Dallas by sending some O-negative red blood cells and blood products after the shooting on Thursday night.  That shooting is what drew in donors like Jim Horr, "I saw what was going on on TV and I looked up on the blood center (website) to see if there was anything I could do, and then when I saw they were asking for blood, I just come on in."

"When I saw what happened in Dallas, it kind of reminded me that I haven't donated in about 6 weeks. So, it just brought it back to mind," added Brian Nelson who's also donating for Dallas. "It's really great. Donors can know, they're going to come in, they're going to donate, and not only is it going to save local lives, but in a situation like this it can save national lives as well."

Hey, saving lives is cool! Why not make it a regular thing and Commit for Life!

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