Taking another look at deadly officer-involved shooting in Houston

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HOUSTON - A Houston Police Department shooting that saw two officers shoot and kill Alva Braziel early Saturday morning has triggered a whole new level of fury.

Those who are in the camp of "Blue Lives Matter" say the officers did their jobs since they felt threatened by an armed man, but those near Cullen Blvd. and Ward St. where the shooting occurred feel like it's just another case where police overreacted leaving a black man dead on the street.

Eric Puckett told us, "If this victim were white, it would be a totally different story. They'd probably get a warning before they get all these bullets and hollow tips put in them but the simple fact is now we just getting hunted down... We target practice for y'all."

Surveillance video taken from a nearby gas station might not clear up any of the controversy. With no sound, it's hard to know what was said out there but the video does show Braziel with his arms up at one point.

Hopefully the body cameras on the officers will give a clearer picture on what really happened.


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